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Welcome to the WFuckOff Radio Archives! project. Our goal is to compile as many episodes of WFuckOff Radio as possible, for the Juggalos to enjoy. We are in no way affiliated with Psychopathic Records. This project was created by fans, for the fans of WFuckOff Radio.

Site News

We Need Your Help!
Juggalos and Juggalettes, We need your Help! In recent months we have had a hard time keeping the site maintained and updated. There are probably around 100 episodes that we have, but have not had the time to upload. We could also use a new theme and some other tweaking. If any ninja's with web design skills are willing to help out; please email us at wfkoradioarchives@gmail.com. MCL!

WFuckOff Radio Chat!
Come in every Tuesday and Thursday to chat with other Juggalos and Juggalettes while peepin' out the new episodes of WFuckOff Radio! Our chat box is located on the bottom left side of this page. MCL!_________________________________________

Current Shows:

-28 episodes of The Witching Hours w/ Violent J

-42 episodes of Ashtrays and Action Figures w/ Twiztid

-38 episodes of The Main Event w/ Violent J and Corp

-49 episodes of The Coffin w/ Blaze

-78 episodes of The Funhouse w/ Upchuck Tha Clown

-59 episodes of The Fix w/ DJ Fillin

-23 episodes of The Hootenanny w/ Boondox

-18 episodes of The Warpath w/ Anybody Killa

-36 episodes of Super Deluxe Fun Time Hour w/ Wolfpac

-18 episodes of Shoot The Shit w/ Fillin, Corp, and Eric

-13 episodes of Redrum Radio w/ AMB

-10 episodes of Suicide Hotline w/ Mars

- 9 episodes of Canadian Bakin' w/ J Reno

- 7 episodes of ThaFukEva w/ Shaggy 2 Dope and DJ Clay

- 9 episodes of Kuma's Rave Cave

- 9 episodes of Seriously Fresh Music w/ Serious Darious

- 4 episodes of Prozak's Paranormal Activity Show

- 2 episodes of Live Broadcasts

- 1 episode of 2 Raw 4 FM w/ Origix and D.C.

Old Shows:

-44 episodes of Shaggy's Old Vinyl Collection

-65 episodes of The Razor's Edge w/ Razor Ray

-23 episodes of Off The Clock w/ Leah and Nathan Extra

-21 episodes of Awesome World with Awesome Dre

-12 episodes of Andrea's Time of the Month

- 9 episodes of The Rude Boy's House of Old School

- 7 episodes of Audio Assault w/ Mike E. Clark

- 9 episodes of Chronic Cutz w/ DJ Shank

- 2 episodes of The Vault w/ Fritz the Cat

- 2 episodes of Superclash w/ Psychopathic Allstars

- 1 episode of Topic Talk w/ DJ Fillin and Corp

- 1 episode of The Horrorcore Show w/ King Gordy